Thursday, 21 August 2008

Mango chiffon cake

So I recently made this yummy Mango chiffon cake. For a few weeks now, what with California flooded with mangoes, I'd been day-dreaming about mango cake, one that incorporates mangoes in the batter, not just as garnish or mousse, which I'd already tried. At last I put thought to action and using my Google muscles, found that those clever folks in Southeast Asia had already been there, done that. So I used this apparently tried and tested recipe that I found at Cook Bake Legacy.

I liked the result, though I think my oven was acting up and it didn't rise as well or cook through as much as it should have. But I will be making this again. I also plan to try using mango puree in place of buttermilk in a regular cake. I think the mango should provide enough acidity to replace the buttermilk and should be about the same consistency. Watch this space for updates!

Recipe and more photos after the jump.

Mango Chiffon Cake
4 large eggs
1 tsp Mango essence
1/3 cup (80 ml) vegetable oil
1/3 cup (80 ml) Whole milk
1/2 cup mango puree
1 cup sifted cake flour (110 g)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup (100 gm) sugar
1/2 tsp Cream of tartar
Method: Set oven at 350 degrees F (180 degree C)
Separate egg yolks from whites. In a bowl, beat yolks with the mango essence (I didn't have any and used vanilla)
In another bowl, mix the oil, milk and mango puree. Sift the flour and baking powder together.
In the bowl of a mixer, whip the egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar until stiff peak forms. Now add the yolk mixture and beat well, then add in the oil/ puree blend and and also stir well. Fold in the flour mix gently till well blended. Pour batter into a 20 cm. chiffon cake pan. Bang the pan on a hard surface to release the bubbles. ( a step I forgot, which may have contributed to the results)
Bake for 35-40 mins. When the cake is ready, remove from the oven and give it a bang on a hard surface.Then invert the pan and cool the cake.When the cake is completely cool, remove cake from the pan.
Well here are a few pictures of how I cut the mangoes.

The cake after taking it out. It seemed kind of OK to me, then I realized it was underdone and put it back in the oven, but evidently not long enough.


Shirley said...

It looks beautiful! Nice slicing job.

Fearless Kitchen said...

This looks really interesting, and very tasty. I love just about everything mango, but I'll admit I've never seen mango essence for sale.

aisha said...

Thanks Shirley and Fearless. I have seen mango essence in Thai and Filipino stores, but it's always artificial and I can't bring myself to buy it.

Aamena said...

aapa it looks great.. cant wait to get home and try it.. better hurry... aam season will be over soon.. :(

Cynthia said...

The cake looks delicious but is it bad that I want to pick all the mangoes off and eat them? :)

aisha said...

Believe me Cynthia, it was hard to make sure I had enough slices for the cakes.

aaliya...:) said...

damn man it looks delishan!

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caly said...

First, thanks for sharing your recipe. I was searching for a mango chiffon cake recipe and came by your blog. My cake crashed after coming out of the oven. Although the tester came out clean, the inside of the cake seems too moist (a little underbaked I believe). I'm a regular baker and I've baked more than 20 chiffon cake, but this is the first crash. I guess the porportion of liquids vs dry ingredients in the recipe is too high and therefore the cake was too heavy to maintain the height after coming out of the oven, as described in the troubeshooting in the another baker's blog (link below).

Anywyas, good luck in all your future baking, especially if you give this recipe a 2nd try.

aisha said...

Caly, I haven't tried this again, since I was the only one in my family who liked it! While mine didn't crash, it did feel underdone a bit. I wondered whether it was because I have a nonstick pan.

Anonymous said...

Aisha your cake doesn't look very well risen. I too noticed the high proportion of liquids to leavening agent, normally I use 1/3 more egg than you do.

Also, I normally keep the beaten egg whites seperate until the very last minute. I NEVER bang the pan to release the bubbles, because you do NOT want to burst the bubbles. They expand when cooking to make your cake tall and fluffy.

Thanks for the recipe anyway!