Wednesday, 1 August 2007

a tip and a toast!

If while creaming sugar and butter your batter appears more runny than fluffy, that is, a little like in the first picture, then, experience tells me, you should put it in the freezer for around ten minutes. After that take it out and cream as usual, the effect is quite apparent (the second picture).

Also using fresh cream, after separating the buttermilk makes a hell lot of difference to the batter, making it way lighter and giving it a lot of volume. Even after adding the eggs it remains nice and light (pictures third and fourth).

and the toast... to kenwood! Which has been in our family for the past three decades! And the only time it gave way was when Dad, curious to know what happened when you don't follow instructions, turned the knob so that it operated speed 8 when Mom was kneading dough, when the instructions clearly stated that dough should not be kneaded at a speed of more than 3! But nothing that the guys at the repairs centre couldn't fix.


aisha said...

Wow, that kenwood has had a long life!

merryn said...

HI, read your account of cooking with old Kenwood with interest, i am helping put together an exhibition and book about Ken Wood and his chef at the Lightbox museum in Woking, would you email me back so i can ask you some questions??

aisha said...

Sure Merryn, but you haven't provided an e-mail address.