Sunday, 30 December 2007

Birthday spread

So, with Aamena away having fun in Bombay, I'm going to try to keep the blog fires burning and catch up on some posts that I've been meaning to write. Well this picture is from my younger daughter's first birthday last month. We had a small tea-time party. The birthday girl was a bit out of it... we found out a day later at the doctor's that she had an ear infection. Given the circumstances, she was quite an angel! I made some chocolate cupcakes, chicken kebab rolls, various sandwiches, raspberry financiers and spinach quiche, and hot wings. 

[cue an hour later]
OK, so today I nearly became a serial killer! I twice wrote up a separate post with recipes for the cupcakes, financiers and chicken rolls, and the first time, when i was half way through, DD2 came and touched something, and made the whole draft disappear. Then the second time, when i was about one sentence from hitting publish, DD1 came and touched the mouse, effectively hitting the "back" button. It was all i could do to control myself! Anyhow, the lesson from this is, blog only when the kiddos are sleeping or otherwise fully occupied, ie out of the house! Now that I have to go to work, that post will have to be written tomorrow, or possibly tonight. :-(
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Big Boys Oven said...

a lovely spread of food there you had! :)

Aamena said...

you sure did! and am back!