Saturday, 9 February 2008

Scrumptious scones

I'm a tea-aholic... Not the weird tasting "chai tea" abominations (hello, chai means tea in half a dozen languages!) sold in places that shall remain unnamed, but strong brewed Indian tea, preferably long-leaf Darjeeling, with cream and sugar. Heaven. And the best thing to go with tea? Scones... So I made a batch of Cranberry cream scones, from Tartlette's tasty take on a Dorie Greenspan recipe. Also because I wanted to use up some heavy cream dangerously on the verge of spoiling. The result was fabulous.... practically melted in my mouth. And I didn't even need any jam, clotted cream or butter!


aamena said...

it sure does look good!

Tartelette said...

I love making cream scones...they are so tender! Yours look fabulous!