Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Amateurish artwork

One of my friends is leaving town, and as a farewell present I decided to make her some aonla, or amla, achaar (indian gooseberry pickle). The question was what to give it in.

After some searches online, I was torn between these sweet little jars at Crate and Barrel and some canning jars at Sur La Table. Luckily, the nearest locations for both are almost adjacent. After comparing, I settled on the ones above from C&B, because I had concerns about the metallic lids (achar can be very corrosive). And though the C&B jars a tad on the small side, about 4.5 oz, they're so cute!

Then I picked up some metallic pens in gold and silver from Dick Blick, and drew on some Indian block-print style designs. Two of the jars have achaar, and of the other two, one has my mom's guava jelly (to die for!) and some sweet pickled mango.


Aamena said...

thats so cute, bet your friend would have been pleased... hope to see the recipes soon... and i really like the 'kairies' you have drawn.

Kate / Kajal said...

i want some acchar too !!!
the jars are quite cute.

Hannah said...

I really like these jars, they're so cute! The designs you drew on them are wonderful, too.